Towards Promoting Investment in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as a Strategic Choice for Sustainable Local Development

pages: 13-33 Salah Mahrez, Bilal Mechaali

Communication in the Institution and its Development through Administrative and Organizational Thought Schools

pages: 34-50 Djemadi Mounira

Unemployment of University Graduates: Reasons, Results and Solutions Available -Case Study of Biskra State-

pages: 51-77 Zakaria Djorfi, Sara Boujemaa

The Role of Fiscal Incentives in Supporting Local Investment Opportunities in Algeria during the Period 2002-2016

pages: 78-96 Karima Seraa

The Experiences of some Arab and International Countries in the Application of E-Government

pages: 97-118 Salma Meftah Mohamed Almasrite

Contemporary Human Resource Management Strategies and their Relation to Improving the Performance of Economic Institutions: A Case Study of SAIDAL Group

pages: 119-146 Ahmed Youcef, Delhem Mohamed EL-Amin

The Electronic Payment as an Effective Way to Improve the Electronic Government Services: Electronic "Tasdeed" Technology in Kuwait as a Model

pages: 147-173 Lazhari Zouaouid, Nafissa Hajej

The Impact of the Tourism Sector on Economic Growth in Algeria: An Analytical and Econometric Study (1990-2014)

pages: 174-189 Rabeh Menacer, Amrane Becherair

A Predictive Study of Electricity Consumption Fluctuations Using the Autoregressive-Moving-Average Models: Wilaya of Medea as a Case Study (2011-2017)

pages: 190-211 Chermat Tahar, Bouaichaoui Youcef

Mechanisms and Tools for Environmental Protection in Algeria from the Perspective of Sustainable Development

pages: 212-234 Walid Abi, Brahim Achouri, Samira Moumene

Evaluation of the University Professor Quality from the Student's Point of View: University of Mohammed Khiedr Biskra as a Case Study

pages: 235-260 Somia Nasri, Farida Fellak
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