Analysis and Evaluation of the Tourism Sector in Algeria and Tunisia during the Period (1990-2014)

pages: 12-27 Mefatih Yamina

The Causes of Administrative and Financial Corruption and the Strategy to Combat it

pages: 28-40 Hasnaoui Balbal, Dhiaeddine Zouaou

The Role of E-Government in Combating Administrative Corruption: the Case of Algeria

pages: 41-60 Nacira Berkennou, Habib Tabeti

The Role of Maintenance in Reducing Costs related to Machine Failure: A Case Study of Saniak Company Setif

pages: 61-72 Messaoud Bouiban

Performance Evaluation in Service Institutions using Data Envelopment Analysis Method: Chlef University as a Model

pages: 73-87 Zahra Ziani, Fatma Boudia

Requirements for Improving the Quality of Internal Audit in order to Establish the Proper Application of Corporate Governance

pages: 88-105 Ikhlef Safya, Saiah djebbour Ali

Innovation in Algerian Enterprises: A Case study of Rouïba Automobile

pages: 106-119 Alliche Fatima, Djafri Ouardia

Development of a Measurement Scale in Marketing and Management Fields: its Methodological Phases and Controls

pages: 120-137 Djeffel Ouarda
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