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There is no need to prove or argue that the company continues to be the pillar of a sustainable economy by representing the only bulwark of the market economy.In the current global context of fierce global competition, the lack of quality within the Algerian company has become an imperative for competitiveness, sustainability and development, which creates a certain framework for improving productivity and organizational and managerial success. And its perfect mastery, through its good transmission and integration through training and skills development, can promote better performance.

Given the importance of training in the success of the QMS set up. Several companies have taken steps to monitor it by setting up an audit structure. The practice of an audit is essential for a company that is part of a continuous improvement process.

This article is the result of field work,  for this contribution, we were able to take the elements collected during a survey carried out within the company ENIEM (National Company of the Household Appliances Industries). This is an Algerian public economic company.  The survey, as a research tool, not only allowed us to understand the place of training in HRM, but also to take the opportunity to highlight the steps that were used to conduct a Training Audit.

JEL Classification: D02 ;  D8 ;  M42 ;  L15      


QMS Continuous improvement Training Training audit ENIEM

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