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This study aimed to highlight the effectiveness of electronic payment in improving the electronic government services, as an important tool that can raise the level of satisfaction of clients and residents and businesses on the performance and quality of services by the government. The analytical descriptive approach was used in the study as the most appropriate to answer its problem, which is mainly focused on the contribution of the electronic payment method to improving e-government services, This topic was also dropped on the experience of the State of Kuwait through the project " Tasdeed" to push the government which represents the distinctive electronic payment of government fees and income through the provision of advanced electronic services to the government.

The study reached a number of results, most notably that the government electronic payment system " Tasdeed" in Kuwait is an ambitious model that contributed effectively to the embodiment and establishment of e-government by improving and improving the services.

JEL Classification: E42, H11,O33, O38


Electronic Payment Government Services E-government Tasdeed Technology

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