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The aim of this article is to identify the phenomenon of unemployment of university graduates through exposure to its causes, characteristics and results and the available mechanisms to confront this phenomenon, and the reality of this phenomenon was presented in the labor market in the state of Biskra. This research concluded that the unemployment of university graduates in the labor market In the state of Biskra due to the high population growth and the increasing demand for higher education, which results in the large number of graduates annually, in addition to the inappropriate outputs of higher education with the needs of the labor market in the state of Biskra, and the decline of the state intervention in providing employment in the public sector, Imposing conditions and qualifications are not available in university graduates, such as professional experience, which on average are five years, resulting from these and other reasons, the inability to provide the labor market needed to support economic growth in line with the requirements of the labor market competencies.

JEL Classification: J64 ، J40، I20، I23.


Unemployment Labor Market Education University Graduates Biskra State

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