The Effect of Organizational Conflict on the Job Performance of Employees: A Case Study of Service Affairs Chamber in North Kordofan State

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Trade Union Strategy in the Labor Market (Islamic Economic Perspective)

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Sustainability-Oriented Innovation Practices and their Role in Promoting Environmental Innovation through the Mediating Role of Green Transformational Leadership in Oil Companies (A Case Study of Basra Oil Company)

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An Economic and Analytical Study of Inflation’s Impact on Performance Indicators of the Financial Market: A Case of Amman Stock Exchange for the Period 1980-2015

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The Impact of Ethical Leadership on the Environmental Responsibility of Small and Medium Enterprises: An Empirical Study

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Studying Causes of Delayed Construction Projects using Discriminatory Analyses: A Case Study of Office of Promotion and Real Estate Management in Saida

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The Impact of Composition of the Provision on the Accounting Result and the Fiscal Result: the Case of the National Corporation (Asmedal-Annaba)

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Usurious Tricks in Islamic Banks

135-148 Maya Fetni

Algeria's Non-Oil Export Promotion Strategy: Challenges and Stakes

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