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The aim of this study was to identify the relationship of contemporary strategies of human resources management to improve the functioning of the algerian economic institution through a case study saidal compound of hte pharmaceutical industry.where we focused on hte major strategies of the department of human resources towards its resources to improve the overall perfomance of saidal compound.where we have the analysis of the most important data that we have obtained from the directorate of human resources of the complex saidal and human resource.and in our stuty we adopted this approach on cadastre in theory.and a case study on the ground and the study.

However.ther is a trace of contemporary stratgies of human resources management in improving the performancce  of saidal pool of pharmaceutical industry. The study provided comprhensive recommendations on the need to focus on human resources that are highly qualified and put more emphasis on raising the performance of the human resources and organizational units with the performance of interest in analysing the business environment as a direct impact on the overall performance of the compound

JEL classification: M5, M21


Human resource strategy Performance of economic institutions SAIDAL Group for the Pharmaceutical industry

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