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This study aimed to identify the relationship of contemporary strategies for human resource management in improving the performance of Algerian economic institutions through a case study of the AIDAL Group for the Pharmaceutical industry. Where we focused on the most important strategies that  the Human Resources Department undertook to direct its resources in order to improve the overall performance of SAIDAL Group, and we also analyzed the most important data we got from the Human Resources Directorate of SAIDAL Group related to human resources. In our study, we also adopted the survey approach in the theoretical side and the case study approach in the applied side.

The study concluded that there is an impact of contemporary strategies for human resource management in improving the performance of Saidal Group for the pharmaceutical industry. The study provided a comprehensive recommendation for the necessity to focus on the excellent human resources, and to focus more on raising the performance of organizational units with attention to analyzing the business environment because it has a direct impact on the overall performance of the Group.


Human resource strategy Performance of economic institutions SAIDAL Group for the Pharmaceutical industry

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Ahmed Youcef, Hassiba Ben Bouali University, Chlef (Algeria)

Contractor Professor

Delhem Mohamed EL-Amin, University of Oran 2 Mohamed bbn Ahmed, Oran (Algeria)

PhD Student

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Youcef, A., & Mohamed EL-Amin, D. (2019). Contemporary Strategies for Human Resource Management and their Relation to Improving the Performance of Economic Institutions- SAIDAL Group Case Study. Management & Economics Research Journal, 1(1), 119-146.
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