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The study aims to explore the theme of reality provides quality components at a University Professor in the College of Humanities and social sciences, University of Mohamed khider by his drunkenness; items highlighted by most researchers in their assessment of quality and we rely on recall: the professor's ability to control The study, the contribution scale in achievement for students, Professor relationship scale content calendar for students;

To achieve the goal of the study we initially introduced to theoretical frameworks related to assess the quality of a University professor from the perspective of students, then turn to view the conceptual model to research and clarify the premises, that's what allowed us to design a questionnaire contains 20 questions divided into four axes represent dimensions of quality of Mr. Campus, in addition to personal data axis questioned, the questionnaire was distributed 287 students; the study results provide quality dimensions professors College of Humanities and social sciences in the University study, also differences in the assessment of quality attributed to the sex variable dimensions And level.

JEL Classification: I23، C88


Quality Evaluation University Professor Professor quality dimensions

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