The Impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on the Global Economy

pages: 10-20 Miloud Benkhira, Saida Tayeb

The Expected Effects on the Financial Statements According to Requirements of the IAS (10) in Light of the Coronavirus Crisis (Analytical Study)

pages: 21-33 Saef Abdulrazaq Mohammed Alwattar

Effectiveness of Using Modern Artificial Intelligence Applications in Front of Coronavirus: Evidence from South Korean Experience

pages: 34-49 Aboubaker Khoualed, Khayreddine Bouzerb

Activating Virtual Tourism to Animate the Tourist Destinations in Light of Coronavirus Crisis (Covid-19): With Reference to the Case of Algeria

pages: 50-63 Abdelaziz Madoui, Hakim Bendjeroua

The Economic Implications of Covid-19 Pandemic: Financial Backgrounds and Proposed Solutions

pages: 64-89 Mammar Bounouar

A Comparative Analytical Study of Requirements for Recognition and Accounting Measurement of Expected Credit Losses Between FASB – Subject Topic (ASC 326) and IFRS9 Standard in Light of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak

pages: 90-116 Salah Ali Ahmed Muhammad, Muhammad Al-Mahdi Al-Amir Ahmed

The Great Lockdown Crisis: The Economic Effects of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

pages: 117-136 Ahmad Fayez Hersh

Conditions of the Global Oil Market in Light of Coronavirus Pandemic

pages: 137-149 Latifa Gaid
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