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The world has known in recent years escalation of what is known as Islamic banking financing through Islamic banks, its presence has been put forward as an alternative to other banks in the event that individuals do not want to deal with interest, taking and giving. This study aims to show the risks associated with the nature of work of Islamic banks, and to shed light on how to avoid dealing with interest as much as possible.

This study reached many results, the most important of which is that what is called tricks often is a legitimate way out if it does not clash with the purposes of Sharia. Therefore, Islamic banks should diversify their investment portfolio to the rest of the financing formulas, so that their transactions are not equal to what conventional banks offer, otherwise it falls within the framework of tricks for nominations.

JEL Classification: G21, Z12.


Islamic banks Tricks Usury (Riba) Mohatra contract Murabaha sale

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