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This study aimed to investigate the relationship between organizational conflict and job performance of employees a case study of the Service Affairs Chamber-North Kordofan State. The study used a non-probability sample. The questionnaire was distributed to 80 employees with respond rete of 88%. For the analysis of data and hypotheses testing, a descriptive statistical method was used (frequencies, percentages, deviations,) and analytical statistical methods (Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Pearson correlation and path analysis) through the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) program. The results of the study showed a partial positive relationship between the components of organizational conflict and creativity. The results also indicated a partial relationship between the dimensions of organizational conflict and achievement. The study recommended the application of the study model to achieve high performance of the workers. The study presented proposals for future research, including: study of mediating and moderating variables in the relationship between the organizational conflict and the job performance of employees.

JEL Classification: M12, C88.


Organizational conflict Conflict at the individual level Interpersonal conflict Conflict between groups Creativity Achievement

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