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The aim of this study is to address ethical leadership and know the extent of its practice by small and medium enterprises in the state of Djelfa and measure the level of environmental responsibility in these institutions, and try to find out the level of the impact of moral leadership on environmental responsibility, and in order to answer the main problem and test the hypotheses has been developed A questionnaire based on the previous studies that touched on the two variables. A random sample of 60 workers was selected from the two high-altitude tannery establishments in the Djelfa and the Sweetley Foundation in the Djelfa. The treatment was done by relying on the statistical program Spss. The results of the study were a positive impact of the moral leadership of the three dimensions (availability of ethical behavior, ethical behavior practices, promote ethical behavior) on environmental responsibility for small and medium-sized enterprises in Djelfa.

JEL Classification: M1, M14.


Leadership Business ethics Ethical leadership Environmental responsibility

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