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This study aims to measure the impact of inflation rates in Jordan on the financial performance of the market, through the use of the following performance indicators: trading volume index, the index market value, the general index of shares prices, the index of the share turnover rate during the period (1978- 2013) based on annual data.

The Authors concluded in this study that there's a statistically significant relationship between the inflation rates and the indicators of the financial market performance, and that's what corresponds with the economic theory of Fisher and many of previous studies, which refers to the positive relationship between the inflation and the financial market indicators, thus, it is possible to use the shares as a tool to hedge against the risks of inflation in Amman Stock Exchange.


Inflation Trade Volume Index Market Value Index of Shares Prices Share Turnover Rate

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Salah Serrai, University of Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi Bordj Bou Arreridj (Algeria)

Associate Professor class A

Nabil Benmerzoug , Mohamed Boudiaf university of M’sila (Algeria)

Ph.D in Economics

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Serrai, S., & Benmerzoug , N. (2020). An Economic and Analytical Study of Inflation’s Impact on Performance Indicators of the Financial Market: a Case of the Amman Stock Exchange for the Period 1980-2015. Management & Economics Research Journal, 2(1), 69-80.
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