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The current research aims to identify sustainability oriented towards innovation practices and its role in enhancing environmental creativity through the intermediate role of green transformation leadership in organizations. Field research was carried out at Basra Oil Company and a random sample of 113 employees, The questionnaire was used as a key tool for data collection, consisting of the first three axes of sustainable innovation-oriented practices, The second for green transformation leadership and the third for environmental innovation, The data were analyzed through AMOS and SPSS.The research was based on a key hypothesis that "there is a relationship and impact between sustainability oriented towards innovation practices and environmental innovation through green transformational leadership"The research found a number of conclusions. The results showed that the organization in question has a vision of sustainability oriented towards innovation practices in the development of new competencies that support green innovation in the organization as well as the organization to acquire innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and processes. In key areas where there are no previous experiences, the organization is constantly exploring new ways to understand the expectations and requirements of key stakeholders, but some areas need a better understanding of application practices in relation to P J Using new management systems to manage environmental innovation as well as the management of the organization is often actively involved in environmental innovation activities on average and the management of the organization invests an average proportion of R & D in environmental innovation. Finally, management often collects information on environmental innovation trends.In addition, a number of recommendations have been formulated, the most important of which are the formulation of strategies for the implementation of sustainability directed towards creative practices to promote environmental creativity that is compatible with the characteristics of the Iraqi environment and its requirements, The new technologies of sustainability oriented towards the development of processes and products and sustainability oriented towards the development of creative competencies support the enhancement of the environmental creativity of the organization in question. This course contributes to achieving the efficient green performance of the organization.

JEL Classification: O31, C88.


Sustainability-oriented innovation practices Eco-innovation Green Transformational Leadership

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