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The study aimed to explain the most important economic effects of the greet lockdown crisis due to Coronavirus Covid 19, as well as showed health and administrative strategies that countries followed to deal with Coronavirus Covid 19, and the study sought to know the economic policies adopted by countries to deal with the economic crisis.

 The researcher followed the inductive approach in terms of accessing the largest possible number of international reports, statistics and data on a number of economic indicators after the start of the effect of the great lockdown due to the spread of the virus. The deductive and analytical method was used to identify the economic impact created by the Corona crisis as well as devising economic paths after Coronavirus.

The study attempted to present the economic tracks of the crisis and anticipate the fate of the economic and social crisis after the Corona crisis.

JEL Classification: G01, N3.


Economic Crisis Economic Policy Great Lockdown Coranavirus Covid-19

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