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COVID-19 is one of the difficult health challenges facing the countries of the world nowadays, and this study tries to clarify the role that artificial intelligence applications play in facing the Corona virus through studying South Korea's experience in this field. To achieve the above-mentioned goal a descriptive analytical approach was relied on. This study was divided into two parts: a theoretical part dealing with theoretical frameworks and modern applications of artificial intelligence in the medical field, and an analytical section dealing with the presentation and analysis of the Korean experience. This study recently concluded to the effectiveness of South Korea's experience in confronting the Corona virus through modern artificial intelligence applications on top of which: disease detection using algorithms, tracking systems for people infected with the virus via GPS, an intelligent quarantine information system, remote diagnosis and medication, Development of a digital epidemic prevention platform, robot uses to help diagnose, measure heat and distribute sterilizers, use drones for sterilization.

JEL Classification: I18, O3.


Applications Artificial Intelligence Medicine and Health Virus (COVID-19) South Korea

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