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Today, the world is experiencing the consequences of the spread of the Coronavirus, which affected various sectors, causing a major shock to the global economy, which may indeed lead to a sharp turn in global growth rates for 2020. This is not the first supply shock in the world. Oil shocks of the 1970s, the tsunami of Thailand, the earthquake in Japan in 2011 and others, but all of these shocks and crises had a specific geographical scope without physical expansion, as well as a time frame during which it peaked and then ceased; however, the Coronavirus proved to be uncontrollable, as it spreads throughout the world and has an impact on most economies. There is also no clear time frame during which this epidemic, like other crises in the world, where we have shown in this research paper the effects of the Covid-19 virus on the global economy, this is by virtue of the fact that it has caused panic and volatility in the economies of the countries.

JEL Classification: G01, F02.


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