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Creativity and innovation in any organization is vital to its successful performance, especially under the growing challenges posed by globalization and rapid techniques are the changes and intense competition and the information revolution, and others. So it is incumbent on these organizations or institutions The face of such challenges quickly and at the same time efficiently and effectiveness which requires a high innovative capacities of the organizations order for you to develop solutions and ideas, and new ideas, and institutions today looking for a place in the top always, and aims to be at the front and able to face the competition and achieving better results

In this research, we conducted a field study on the reality of innovation in Algerian institutions, in particular Rouïba Automobiles, where our aim is to find out the extent or degree of application of innovation within this agency. The most important results are that there are some obstacles to creativity and innovation In the Agency, which leads to the weakening of innovation, including: lack of competencies, lack of budget

JEL Classification: O16، Q43.


Innovation Creativity Rouïba Automobiles

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