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The target of that studying is to illustrate how the process of evaluating performance in organization in general and service institutions in particular important; this process represents a means to know the extending of the organization's efficiency in accomplishing its activities and its efficiency in achieving its aims .In addition, we used the Data Envelopment Analysis method (DEA), which is one of the most important quantitative methods in evaluating how a set of similar units performed, based on quantify their level of efficiency using a set of inputs and outputs. This study applied to the University of Chlef as a model for service institution and used the data for the season 2017-2018.

Two DEA models (CCR & BCC) have been employed with output orientation; The results showed that of 10 faculties in the University of Chlef, only two were able to make the full efficiency level namely the faculty of civil and architectural engineering and faculty of humanities and social sciences, which reflects their good performance, this qualifies the rest of the colleges followed them as reference to improve the level of performance and exploitation of resources best use.

JEL Classification: L25, A30, C61


Performance Evaluation Service Organizations Data Envelopment Analysis method University of Chlef

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