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This study aimed to assess the prevailing organizational climate, the level of creative behavior in the tannery of the upper plateaus from the employees' point of view and to determine whether there is a statistically significant effect of the organizational climate on its creative behavior. For the purpose of the study, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to a random sample (36.45%), where the response rate was (94.28%) Using the spss program, the level of organizational climate and creative behavior of the institution under study was measured using a set of statistical tools such as arithmetic averages, standard deviations, ratios and averages as well as correlation coefficient and coefficient of determination. The results of the study showed that the employees' evaluation of the organizational climate and creative behavior is positive and that there is a statistically significant effect at the level of significance ( 0.05α) of the organizational climate in its dimensions on the creative behavior of the employees in the institution under study. One of the most important recommendations of the study is the need to work to strengthen the current working environment and work to increase its ability to embrace creative behavior and increase interest in the human element and give him appropriate incentives.

JEL Classification: M19.


Organizational climate Creative behavior Tannery upper plateaus

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