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As the war/crises on Syria is approaching its end, there is a need to launch a comprehensive planning process to start rebuilding and developing the Syrian Economy. This study aims to revising the macroeconomic performance and policies in Syria before and during the crisis, in order to identify the negative implications of those policies and device the right programs to solve them. Important areas that require special attention is the imbalance in the regional planning process, the lack of national program for economic reform, undetermined identity of the economy, and the vague relationship between public and private sectors.

This study highlights the importance of accomplishing four transitions i.e. (security, political, social, and economic) to secure success of the rebuilding process. There also is a long list of important issues to be addressed such as rehabilitating basic infrastructure, corruption and informal sector activities, price distortion, and agricultural and industrial policies, in addition to deal carefully with international involvement in the rebuilding process.

JEL Classification: E6, N1, O5.



Syria Rebuilding and Development Macroeconomic Policies

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