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The study aimed to measure the impact of investment in the ICT sector on the economic growth in Palestine. The study used annual time series data during the period (2000-2018). The study concluded with a number of results such as There is a positive impact of investment in the ICT sector on the economic growth in Palestine during the study period. In addition, a weak positive impact of the labor force in the ICT sector on the economic growth in Palestine.

JEL Classification: O1، O3.


Economic Growth Information and Communication Technology Investment

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Bader Hamdan, Palestine University (Gaza Strip - Palestine),

Assistant Professor

Nader Abousharekh, Palestine University (Gaza Strip - Palestine)

Assistant Professor
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Hamdan, B., & Abousharekh, N. (2019). The Impact of Investment in the ICT on Palestinian Economic Growth. Management & Economics Research Journal, 1(4), 33-51.
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