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The development of the world today in information and communication technologies has affected all aspects of the economic life of the countries, especially with the emergence of the Internet and the new media through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

With the emergence of social networks on the Internet, the marketing of services, especially tourism services, depends on the human factor itself through the exchange and exchange of information about tourist areas, traditional products, hotels and others. The new era has begun to depend on the consumers themselves and their contribution to the promotion of services and places...

With the rapid development of social networks, especially Facebook, the importance of harnessing these sites to serve the tourism industry in the countries of the world in general and Algeria in particular, where the industry depends largely on the views of consumers and the spread of information among them, which opened a wide door to identify the places of tourism and hotels and offer services from By visiting people and benefiting from their services, which positively affects other users who may one day be tourists in the same areas.

Therefore, this study is an attempt to highlight the role of social networks and their contribution to the activation of tourism in general and local tourism in particular, taking the Facebook network model, through the analysis of the Facebook page beaches of Annaba, and answer the following fundamental question:To what extent does Facebook contribute to the activation of local tourism in Algeria?

JEL Classification: Z3, M3.


Social Networking Facebook Tourism Local Tourism

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