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This study aims to determine the effect of lean management in achieving Career creativity in National Society for Electricity and Gas in Skikda (Algeria).

 The descriptive and analytical approach was relied upon with the use of the questionnaire as a main tool for data collection, which was distributed to a random sample of 230 workers from various administrative levels. descriptive and inferential statistics methods were used to analyze and test the study hypotheses using SPSS.

The study found that the impact of lean management in achieving career creativity in the National Society for Electricity and Gas in Skikda is weak, and it was estimated at 17.9%, this is what requires the Society to increase attention to lean management because of its great importance and effective role in improving the elements of career creativity.


Lean management Career creativity National Society for Electricity and Gas in Skikda

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Sabri Mekimah, University of August 20th 1955 Skikda, Research laboratory ECOFIMA (Algeria)

PhD in Business Management, Associate professor

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Mekimah, S. (2020). Lean management and its impact on achieving career creativity in the business organization: A Case study at the National Society for Electricity and Gas in Skikda (Algeria). Management & Economics Research Journal, 2(5), 39-56.
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