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The study aims at identifying the reality of the applying the administrative empowerment on the National Authority for Electricity, assessing its approved reality and how to activate it. The study population consists of 42 engineers accountants and technicians working in the authority administration A questionnaire was distributed to them and 30 forms were returned, valid for analysis as a study sample the researcher used the Simple Linear Regression model.

The study was conducted on the National Authority for Electricity in Sudan. The researcher adopted the descriptive analytical method. The study concluded to the fact that there is freedom to perform work and discuss ideas with the administration and there is power to correct deviations when they occur, without referring to the immediate superior. The study recommended working on possessing the technical and administrative aspects necessary to obtain information and the need to exchange it, encouraging employees to promote the sense of strength and success by granting them more freedom to act in everything related to their jobs.

JEL Classification: C88, M12


Administrative Empowerment Organizational Performance National Authority for Electricity (Sudan)

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