In order to digitally preserve all published scholarly content, Management & Economics Research Journal commits to submit all contents of the journal (Issues & Articles) to The PKP Preservation Network (PLN) that will preserve the content of any journal using Open Journal Systems (OJS), regardless of where it is hosted and who publishes the journal. It leverages the distributed preservation network model employed by a Private LOCKSS Network supported by the organizational commitment of PKP partners and sponsors who are also members of the LOCKSS Alliance. More information is available at:

Now all the contents of the Management & Economics Research Journal are archived on the Keepers Registry (acts as a global monitor on the archiving arrangements for continuing resources including e-serials).

This is to make sure that the published scholarly content by Management & Economics Research Journal remains available to the community despite any accidental loss of data in its personal archival records. Management & Economics Research Journal has further made sure that the metadata of all of its contents is compliant with PKP PN and their digital crawlers.

Also, all published papers in the journal are archived in the archive system in Algeria: Algerian Scientific Journal Platform (ASJP). Please check the Archive here  .

This service allows to create of an advance searchable index of journal archive and to keep a record of all the open-access archives of the Algerian journals that contain information a broad array of subjects with multidisciplinary knowledge with an aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content and increasing the availability of scholarly communication.